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Founded in 2017, this website has been setting the gold standard in providing the finest online resources on medical marijuana. Richard Kennedy, Founder & Editor in greenwaysgo a team of experienced writers, advocates, and cannabis specialists to provide site visitors with present day information about all things cannabis related. Learn about cannabidiol, its strains, products, benefits, and where to find top quality items from legal retailers.

Richard and his team have made it their mission to provide and introduce site visitors to absolute transparency in an otherwise confusing and unregulated industry. Their aim is to be the most comprehensive source for cannabis product reviews and other info about CBD. With the continuous rise of interest and popularity of cannabidiol, the industry is experiencing an equally rapid growth that needs to be addressed.

Although there are numerous companies that are constantly trying to bring in amazing products to consumers who are in need of them, there are of course a good number of unscrupulous people out there. There are products being marketed along with false claims, including items that in reality do not contain any CBD at all, while there are those that possibly contain poor quality or severely harmful ingredients.

Since there is just so much misinformation about CBD and CBD related products, the aim is to present consumers everywhere with data that is:

  • Accurate
  • Comprehensible
  • Simple to understand
  • Evidence supported
  • Impartial

This is a promise we intend to keep so that visitors only get data that is always up-to-date, always unbiased, and well researched. More importantly, we aim to develop and innovate a user friendly site that is very responsive to make the overall experience an easy and fun educational experience.

Thus, any need individuals have concerning CBD can be delivered right away — it really is just that easy! Whether you are in search of reviews, usage, tips, legality status, and how to guides, this website is your holy grail.


To disseminate well researched and written pieces in an effort to educate those who are interested in cannabis, as well as those who are greatly misinformed about it. We want a world where countless people all over the globe get to experience and reap the benefits of cannabis.

This is the world’s premier online destination for everything cannabis related. With more than 10,000 site visitors monthly (and the numbers still continue to rise) is more than enough proof of our commitment to offer cutting edge reports.

What do we do?

The team spends their time tirelessly reading though the latest scientific and medical research in order to provide recommendations to the public. In this industry, lab results are essential, and sending out product samples to get these reports done is just part of doing business. Similarly, we incorporate a series of blind testing techniques to produce reviews that are truthful and precise.

Ample attention is given to current developments, legal changes, and innovations that can ultimately affect the industry as well as CBD consumers.

It does not matter if you are in search of cannabidiol oil product reviews, uses, legality status, or easy to follow instructional guides, this site has these resources right at your fingertips.

What don’t we do?

We strive to continuously understand and provide research on CBD and communicate it in a clear manner. On the other hand, readers should keep in mind that we are in no way medical experts or professionals, thus, we cannot and will not provide any medical advice. Like many things concerning health and wellbeing, it is always in your best interest to seek the guidance of a physician or healthcare practitioner.

How do we profit from this?

It’s true that we are not in the business of selling cannabis or CBD products. However, the quality content we offer along with our impartial analysis of goods have allowed us to include affiliate links and adverts. We make sure that the products we recommend are the items we test and trust ourselves. When you purchase through the links, a small percentage is our commission. This is at no additional cost to shoppers. The revenue from these humble percentages is what we use to support our endeavor and our team.

And by endeavor, we mean everything from hosting, domains, to the SSL certification (this ensures data privacy of our visitors). To learn more, kindly check our earnings disclaimer that can be found when you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Meet our team

Richard K. Kennedy

Editor in greenwaysgo

A Mental Health counselor for 20 years at California’s Healthpointe, he helped many patients to deal with their mental health concerns such as depression sufferers, grief counseling, and anxiety. The drastic evolution of mental and physical wellbeing comprehension is what led him to believe that the best solution to mental illness (etc) is CBD especially when paired with ample medical research, acceptance, and implementation. Through his dedication, along with the team, the aim is to continue to provide guests with authentic results and flawless product reviews for the enjoyment of all – free of charge to boot. See Richard’s articles here.

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Kathy A. Michel

Medical Marijuana Advocate

Her childhood ADHD diagnosis is what led Kathy to working as the site’s managing editor. Not to mention how it propelled her interest in learning and discovering more about the healing qualities that herbs have to offer individuals like her. Those who suffer from acute and chronic ADHD, as well as other mental issues. With the legalization of marijuana as an alternative form of treatment for a large range of health conditions, including but not limited to mental health and pain problems, Kathy remains even more determined to pursue this passion even further. See Kathy’s articles here.

[email protected]

Rachel A. Taylor

Nutritionist, Cannabis and CBD Writer

A health and fitness enthusiast born in San Francisco, CA, Rachel spent a larger chunk of her life as a nutritionist. She has even furthered her passion in helping those suffer from mental diseases. It was only as of recent that she stumbled upon the extremely innovative benefits that medical marijuana has to offer. When she isn’t busy toiling away with the team, she can be found sharing her extensive know-how and skill with fellow advocates of medical marijuana use in San Francisco. See Rachel’s articles here.

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Nick P. Fisher

Cannabis Writer and Contributor

This Illinois resident is one of the most recognized specialists in CBD and hemp. He has spoken extensively on the topic and has been able to speak at multiple cannabis events all over Illinois. Much respected in the community he has even been featured in numerous cannabis conferences. When not busy with speaking engagements, he can be found producing quaint content and informative updates for our readers. See Nick’s articles here.

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Benjamin R. Melony

CBD & Hemp Specialist

Nature-living enthusiast and professional writer and researcher, he enjoys learning about cannabidiol and sharing its benefits to people which share values of free and healthy society. He started to write to give you important information on CBD you could ever need and to help you choose a product that is safe, effective and which will help you with your disease. He believes that CBD is the main solution to mental illness and other diseases with right research and application. See Benjamin’s articles here.

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