Best CBD Gummies & Edibles [Reviews 2020]

Finding the best CBD gummies can be a bit tricky because there are so many options out there that you barely know what to look for. Why are they so popular? Easy! They are extremely convenient to take, regardless of what you need CBD for. They are also discreet, but most importantly, they are sweet, tasty and flavorful. Is there a better way to get your medicine? Exactly! Some of them are hemp based, while others are cannabis based. All in all, no product will contain THC – the psychoactive component of cannabis. Therefore, they are safe and legal.

“You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your life.”
― Carlos Castaneda

Top 5 CBD Gummies [2019 Update]

We tested more than 20 different CBD gummies products with our friends and relatives in our search to find the most tasty and healthy CBD gummies. Some of them are pretty good products, some just do almost nothing. But 5 of them, great products with high potency and effectiveness against different types of pain, anxiety and insomnia, we included in our top list.

#1 Premium Jane

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 100%
Taste 90%
Qualty 95%
Value \ Price 100%

The best CBD gummies from Premium Jane are made in the USA. What does it mean? The product has to bypass some exquisite quality standards and requirements. If it can do that in the USA, it can do it anywhere in the world, so you can count on great quality. All the hemp is locally sourced from a few farms based in Oregon.

The product comes with a medium dose per gummy. The package has 20 gummies and each of them has 25mg of CBD. It is the optimal dose for most people. If this is the first time you try CBD, you might want to start with a lower one, so have half a gummy instead and see how you feel.

Every product made by Premium Jane is then tested in independent third party laboratories. Obviously, there are a few tests conducted on site, but using third parties is about safety and transparency. As for the overall composition – apart from flavorings and vitamins, each gummy is made of pure CBD isolate. It has 0% THC, so it is perfectly safe and legal to take as a treatment.


#2 Diamond CBD

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 95%
Taste 90%
Quality 95%
Value \ Price 90%

DiamondCBD does not need too many presentations in the CBD industry. It has a series of products that can deliver the optimal dose of CBD in several different ways. When it comes to gummies, the range is quite impressive. The good news is new flavors are added on a regular basis.

These days, you can mostly find fruity flavors. Most of them are similar to the flavors used in regular gummies – yellow means lemon, red means berries, purple means forest fruits and so on. No matter how picky you are, chances are you will find something suitable right away.

All products are properly monitored and tested in third party facilities. They are 100% natural and made from organically grown hemp. Each type of CBD gummies has the ingredients clearly displayed on the official website. The dosage varies from one product to another – sizing is important as well. But generally speaking, you should get between 20mg and 30mg per gummy.


#3 Green Roads

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 90%
Taste 95%
Quality 95%
Value \ Price 90%

Green Roads is the kind of manufacturer that puts everything on the table. Everything is transparent and the quality leaves no room for mistakes. Products are made of hemp sources from organic farms. There are no chemicals or additives in any of the products – not just the gummies.

The range is exquisite – you have a full spectrum of shapes, sizes and flavors. New flavors are added every once in a while for even more diversity. You can keep ordering different things – from bears and frogs to little men and fruits.

All products are tested in third party laboratories that have nothing to do with the company. The best CBD gummies from Green Roads have about 10mg to 20mg of CBD per gummy. Different products have a different dosage, so double check upfront. Some of them are mild, while others are quite strong. It is also worth noting that Green Roads implements CO2 extraction in all of its products. It is a safety standard.

#4 Hemp Bombs

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 85%
Taste 90%
Quality 90%
Value \ Price 85%

The best CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs have something that most other products do not – a unique formula. The manufacturer uses its own patented formula. It is stronger and more intense. It all started with the oils, then it was used in the gummies as well.

The concentration is medium to strong. Generally, you will get 20mg to 25mg of CBD per gummy, but check the concentration of each particular product upfront, as they vary. This kind of concentration puts these gummy bears in the strongest range.

Whether you are on a limited budget or you just want to try CBD gummies, you have multiple options available. The smallest container comes with not more than five gummies, while the largest one has 60 of them. As for the actual composition, all products are based on hemp grown in organic farms. It is imported from Europe – one of the harshest places in terms of regulations and rules. From this point of view, you can count on high quality standards.

#5 PureKana

Our Rating
Potency (Pain) 85%
Taste 85%
Quality 90%
Value \ Price 85%

While there are a few variations, the best selling CBD gummies near me from PureKana carry 25mg of CBD per gummy. The concentration places this supplement in the strong segment. If it is too much for you, you can also have half a bite instead.

The composition is quite transparent. Each product – and gummies make no exception – includes a list of ingredients and quantities. Everything is natural and GMO free, so there are no chemicals or additives in the composition.

Most CBD gummies from PureKana come with fruity flavors – different colors carry different tastes. The taste is one of the reasons behind their popularity. After all, the manufacturer is better known for the top notch CBD oils. Just like you have probably guessed already, there is 0% THC in the composition.

Easy Guide About CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a revolutionary product that has everyone talking about them. They are essentially the gummies you have known for a long time, but they have a special ingredient added to them.

CBD gummies include cannabidiol, a compound that is extracted from hemp herbs, commonly known as marijuana. They are very helpful to help you deal with pain, stress and overall anxiety

There are a lot of CBD products out there. In this guide, we are going to offer a lot of useful information we gathered from multiple sources to get the best CBD edibles, so you have a better idea about this product and its benefits.

What are the Benefits of Consuming CBD Gummies?

While it’s true that consuming cannabis is still illegal in many places, the consumption of derivatives is not. Hemp has proven to be a reliable source of cannabidiol, a substance that has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system.

People hunt and consume the best CBD gummies because it is an easy way to get the benefits of hemp in a familiar way that feels neither illegal nor irresponsible.

CBD gummies can also find an easy way into any diet regime because they have a low content of sugar and their ingredients have been mixed to take effect in our whole body

Medical research has also determined that CBD gummies have enough cannabidiol to make a difference in the human body without any secondary effects. That’s right. You won’t get high by consuming these gummies.

How to Choose the Right CBD Gummies

Do Your Homework on the Brand

CBD gummies have a lot of added value. These edibles are not to fill your stomach; they have a therapeutic value. Check for different CBD edibles reviews. You need to study the ingredients of your product of choice to know how much gummies you need to consume to get to feel the benefits.

Read Online Reviews

A good brand of CBD products has a lot of presence online. You should be able to find multiple CBD gummies reviewsabout the products as well as testimonials of people who have tried them. Read good and bad reviews to learn from the experience of others.

Take the Time to Study their Offers

Trustworthy brands of CBD products stand by their offerings with strong guarantees for the customer. Look for their policies about returns as well as testimonials about customer satisfaction. You can also take note of the type of promotions and discounts for their products.

Do the Math

The price of CBD edibles is usually related to the content of ingredients. When it comes to CBD gummies, you should look for products that offer a dose above 1mg per serving. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any benefits. You will be consuming a stand-in for a snack.

You also need to keep in mind the fact that all CBD edibles have a different effect on all people. No person feels the same consuming the same dosage as others. CBD gummies bear a familiar shape to make their consumption easier. Quality gummies should have an earthy flavor over a sugary one. The sweeter a gummy tastes, the more sugar it has.

How Much CBD Contains a Single Gummy?

All brands of CBD gummies available in the market have a different distribution of ingredients. You can find gummies with CBD concentration in the range of 1mg to up to 50mg. The best way to know how much CBD is on a product is to do some math.

A bag of gummies with a content of 400mg containing 20 units should grant 20mg of cannabidiol to your system. That’s a solid dosage. We recommend that you pay attention to the recommended amount instructed in the package to make sure you don’t overdo it.

Where do I Find the Best CBD Gummies near me?

This is a tricky question since you can’t get these products over the counter in most stores. The good news is that the internet is a great place to get most of the reputed brand by placing an order directly with them.

You can contact them by visiting their website. Most of these companies offer their products by bulk. The more you buy, the cheaper they will be. The most reputed brands do an excellent job of getting them packaged and delivered.


Are CBD gummies safe?

Any human organism tolerates CBD according to the World Health Organization. There are rarely any side effects of CBD consumption. However, potential consumers of this product should still consult a medical professional before buying them to make sure they interact well with their body chemistry.

Are CBD gummies legal in the US?

Yes, as long as the content of hemp extract in the gummies is as low as 0.4%. You also need to be over 18 years old to buy these products.

Can I get high from eating CBD gummies?

Not really, CBD gummies don’t have the same content as marijuana-infused edibles. While the latter includes the herb directly, CBD gummies are infused with small dosages of THC that have minimal impact on the central nervous system when consumed in low dosages.

How many CBD gummies can I eat at once?

This works differently on any person. This is also the reason you should consult a doctor before ingesting these edibles. The consumption of these gummies will affect you depending on your body mass. Your doctor will probably ask for some blood work too to tell you what’s the best dosage recommended based on your medical condition.

Can I fail drug tests if I eat too many CBD gummies?

Not at all, most drug tests look for large amounts of THC in your body. CBD infused gummies never contain more than 0.4% on them. The only way to fail a drug test if you consume large amounts of product and if that where the case, the US Drug Test Center stipulates that any dosage below 2,000mg is considered safe (and legal)

Where can I buy CBD edibles near me?

You can buy these products all over the internet, but you need to put some hard work into it to make sure you are not getting a rip-off product or something of low quality.

Established brands have a recurrent presence on the web, as well as many reviews stating the quality of their products. Be wary of suspicious brands offering great deals if they have little to no presence on the internet.

What to Look for in the Best CBD Gummies

While they might look identical, CBD products are quite diversified and gummies make no exception either.


When about to buy a CBD product – be it gummies, oil or something else, make sure you pay special attention to the actual concentration. This is one of the most important considerations in the process. At the end of the day, you want to know how much CBD you are about to get with each dose before spending your money. If you would not care, you could just as well ordered plain gummies for a fraction of the price, right?

Anyway, to sort this out, check the amounts of CBD milligrams. The amount must be visibly listed on the packaging.

Length of Effects

The concentration will normally affect the length of effects – a higher concentration will obviously make the effects last longer. On another hand, you should not exceed the dosage that works for you. The best CBD gummies on the market might take around 15 to 30 minutes for you to feel the effects. They should last for around five to six hours. If the concentration is low, it might take anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes to feel it, while effects can go for up to four hours.

As a general rule of thumb, the slower it goes into your body, the longer the effects will last and vice versa.


Taste is extremely important because you want to actually enjoy your medication. To some people, the taste is just a byproduct. Anyway, if the taste is really important to you, there are a few ideas to keep in mind. If the CBD concentration is high, chances are you will experience a distinct hemp flavor – grassy or earthy. Luckily, top manufacturers add flavors too, especially in gummies and edibles – chocolate, fruits, vanilla, mint and so on.


Just like for everything else, your available budget will dictate the final decision. Do not go for the cheapest product you can find. Also, it does not mean that the most expensive one is the best. Just find a middle choice to satisfy your dosage and quality requirements.


The manufacturer is worth some research and consideration. Opt for a reliable company with a good background. You want a good customer service and some history, rather than a brand new manufacturer that no one has ever heard of.

Now that you know what to look for in the best CBD gummies near me, what are the best rated options on the market?


Bottom line, the CBD gummies and edibles near me may vary from one user to another. The above mentioned choices are among the best rated ones, so there must be something good about them. Considering you got the right strength, you would only have to focus on the value for money and taste.

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