Where To Buy CBD Oil In Alabama

CBD oil might be a hype in today’s industry, but it is used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It is associated with alleviating effects of depression, anxiety, cancer related pain, arthritis and other affections that may lead to inflammation and pain. Since there is no THC in its composition, it is perfectly legal, as it will not give you a high. It is used as a supplement with medicinal purposes. Residents of Alabama have seen an increasing number of shops opening up lately, yet some of them do make the difference. They employ knowledgeable staff to help undecided users, but they also have a large selection of products.

Due to poor quality products appearing on store shelves, we no longer recommend buying CBD oil from local shops.

For the best quality, we strongly suggest buying from our recommended CBD brands below (no-THC products, legal in all states):

#1 CBD Living

Effectiveness 97%
Quality 96%
Taste & Consistency 94%
Customer Service 94%
Quality\Price 97%


#2 CBDfx

Effectiveness 95%
Quality 92%
Taste & Consistency 92%
Customer Service 95%
Quality\Price 93%


#3 Charlotte's Web

Effectiveness 91%
Quality 94%
Taste & Consistency 96%
Customer Service 93%
Quality\Price 91%


#4 Endoca

Effectiveness 90%
Quality 95%
Taste & Consistency 94%
Customer Service 93%
Quality\Price 90%


#5 Elixinol

Effectiveness 88%
Quality 89%
Taste & Consistency 96%
Customer Service 92%
Quality\Price 87%


#6 American Shaman

Effectiveness 86%
Quality 88%
Taste & Consistency 93%
Customer Service 85%
Quality\Price 86%


Popular Local Shops in Alabama

The Vape Loft

The Vape Loft is one of the largest shops for vapers. It is specialized in electronic cigarettes and everything coming with them, yet it also sells CBD oils. It is located at 720 29th St S, Birmingham, 35233 and is open seven days a week – short program on Sundays. CBD oil is not the only CBD thing you can buy from The Vape Loft. Instead, you can also get CBD vaping liquid for your electronic cigarette, which has pretty much the exact same effect – different absorption speed and effect duration though.

Tiger Vapor of Montgomery

Located at 7587 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, 36116, Tiger Vapor of Montgomery is the largest shop selling CBD oil in Montgomery. It does not allow online shopping, so you will have to hit the counter. Even if you have no idea what kind of oil you need or what dosage, the staff will help you make a good choice. Tiger Vapor of Montgomery commercializes CBD oil as a secondary product. The shop is specialized in electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids. For this reason, you will also find CBD vaping products for your electronic cigarette.

Vape Escape

Since CBD oil is a bit controversial in Alabama, Vape Escape has joined the list of vamping shops selling CBD oil as an extra addition to their stocks. It is specialized in electronic cigarettes, components and variously flavored vaping liquids. CBD oil is sold separately. Furthermore, you can also purchase CBD vaping liquid – ideal if you are an electronic smoker. The shop is located at 2082 Hwy 14 E, Prattville, 36066 and represents the largest vaping place in Prattville. Shopping is only allowed by the counter and not online.

Pure CBD Selection

Pure CBD Selection is based in Birmingham. It is currently one of the top reviewed CBD oil shops in Alabama. Even if this is the first time you use CBD oil, the staff is friendly, well educated and ready to give you a hand in choosing the right type. CBD oil is available in a series of sizes, not to mention its flavors. Apart from CBD oils, you will also find other CBD based products, like topical creams or edibles. Unfortunately, Pure CBD Selection operates over the Internet only, so you can only shop online. There are no physical stores in Alabama yet, but it is only a matter of time.

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