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Looking for a way to overcome stress? Anxiety? Depression? While modern medication is often based on addictive substances and short term relief, more and more people support the superpowers of cannabis. But then, cannabis is illegal in many countries. This is when innovation kicks in – CBD, one of the components of cannabis that has no THC in its composition.

Cannabis is not illegal, but the THC is. Get rid of the THC and other parts of cannabis are perfectly legal. You can take advantage of their health related benefits without going against the law. The CBD in cannabis will help against pains, inflammations, mental disorders and affections, sleep related problems and many other issues. This is why you can find it literally everywhere.

Now, why is the CBD you find on a reputable website more expensive than the one you find in supermarkets and newsagents? It is all about size, strength, composition and safety. No one knows what is inside those cheap things in the supermarket – most commonly, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals. Besides, the strength is often too low to give you any relief.

This is when renowned brands like CBDfx kick in – but then, what should you know about it?

About CBDfx

CBDfx is one of the largest CBD retailers in the USA. It provides dozens of cannabidiol products to customers interested in quality and safety. Just like other top manufacturers out there, CBDfx relies on nothing but organic hemp farms. Hemp is highly absorbent and will take in all kinds of chemicals, hence the importance of using nothing but organic solutions. Moreover, products are made in the USA.

CBDfx was originally specialized in vape oil additives. It was part of the vaping industry. With time, CBD has become a major player on the market, since it had no THC and it was perfectly legal. The company has reinvented itself and is now focused on CBD related products, from classic oils to more innovative vape additives and tinctures.

CBDfx is better known in the industry for pushing innovation to another level. Customers can buy terpene infused products and other advanced products, while also supporting the research of further CBD uses. As a result, it is among the companies with the highest customer retention and loyalty.

Tests and transparency

Pretty much everything about CBDfx is about transparency. Every product is tested upfront before hitting the market. Each batch has a few samples taken out and tested in multiple laboratories. The initial tests are performed in the proprietary labs of CBDfx. Some may say the results are biased – all the tests are available over the Internet though.

To increase credibility, CBDfx also tests its products in independent labs owned by third party companies. Such results are unbiased and less likely to be influenced. They are also available online and represent a more popular source of credibility. Not only does CBDfx do well against chemicals and GMO substances, but the strength in its products is also proven to have positive effects over patients.

A link on the official website will take you to all the tests performed on most of the products coming from CBDfx.

CBDfx product range

CBDfx has one of the most diversified CBD shops out there. No matter what kind of product you have in mind, chances are you will find it there. Vape juices represent some of the top sellers. The company was specialized in such things, so the CBD trend has obviously affected the vaping industry as well. They come in more strengths too.

Other than that, you have the classics – gummies in multiple flavors, tinctures of more strengths, capsules of all sizes, classic oils and edibles. Drinks are not to be overlooked either. Plus, customers can buy terpene strengthened products. While relatively new on the website, CBD topical products are worth a shot too – all kinds of cosmetics.

CBD can also be administered to pets – usually elder pets with various problems. In other words, CBDfx commercializes CBD treats for pets, concentrates, vaping pens and kits. Concentrates are recommended to slightly more experienced users who want to customize the strength and dosage in the smallest details. All in all, there is also a small category with bundles and special offers.

Many products come in various flavors and strengths. Make sure you know what you need before buying – or just ask a customer service representative if you are not sure.

Prices and discounts

Prices vary widely depending on the product you choose, the size of the recipient or the strength. For instance, most face masks cost $6.99 and they come with various purposes. On the other hand, some gummies enriched with spirulina and turmeric will cost you $49.99. An oil for dogs and cats is just under $30, while some vaping juices cost around $29.99.

There are a bunch of discounts available on the product page – you will notice the old price and the new one. You can also save money if you buy a bundle – more related products sold in one package. It works like a nice discount. All in all, given the wide variety of products, pretty much anyone can find something suitable for the issues they deal with.

Shipping options

There are a few different shipping options – you can select them during the checkout process. Choose the products you need and proceed to the payment page. You will then have to choose the shipping option. Apart from the express option, most packages will come within a week – most commonly, within five days.

CBDfx does not have any physical stores – at least not yet. Therefore, all orders must be placed over the Internet.

Some packages are sent with the national postal office service, while others are sent with FedEx. Many of them can be tracked over the Internet, so you will know precisely what time your parcel will be by your door.

Return policies

If you get a damaged item, you need to raise a complaint within 48 hours. The procedure is simple and straightforward – only via the official website. You can also return unopened items within 30 days in case you change your mind. You do not always need to get a full refund – sometimes, an exchange can be arranged if you order the wrong product by mistake.

Some items – especially electronic pens or vaping kits – come with a warranty too, which varies from one product to another.

Website experience

The website is fairly simple to navigate. The main page has lots of useful information – best sellers, new products, top reviews, news and updates. The main menu will take you to the actual shop, as well as some guides, blogs, frequently asked questions and other important details. Once on the shop page, you can choose the category you want, but you cannot sort products.

A second menu is at the bottom of the page – more technical though. Registering an account is a matter of minutes. Shopping is also simple and intuitive, even if you have never done it before. Browsing through the entire website will give you a full picture of the industry. You can educate yourself on multiple aspects and find out what certain CBD products can do for you.

Customer service

The customer service is flawless – a good team of knowledgeable representatives available round the clock. You can get more details about products, recommendations, suggestions and even advice on returns. Get in touch in three different ways – phone, email or post. If you choose to call CBDfx, you will have to do it between 9AM and 5PM, Monday to Friday – no holidays.

Emails can be sent at anytime, so do not be surprised to get a reply out of business hours. You can send an email yourself or simply use the online form available on the official website. It will automatically direct your message to the right department, so you can get a reply even faster.

Unlike other similar companies, CBDfx does not offer a live chat feature.


Each product commercialized on the CBDfx website comes with a plethora of reviews from customers. You will see a star rating menu as well. There is one thing that makes CBDfx different – they leave negative reviews as well and they try to deal with them in a way that makes customers happy. You can also find positive reviews on third party portals.

“Love the gummies – tasty and almost instant effects against my insomnia.”

“My migraines are history now… Prior to discovering CBD, I had no idea what it meant to treat them. No treatment has ever worked for me.”


As a short final conclusion, CBDfx has successfully joined the big league. It is one of the most respected CBD retailers on the market and it provides some of the most qualitative items out there. Every part of the process is handled within the company – from the actual cropping to the manufacturing procedures.

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Richard Kennedy
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