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CBD oils are currently some of the leading hypes on the market – everyone talks about them and everyone knows they are perfectly legal. Otherwise, they would not be so openly sold everywhere. It makes no difference if you suffer from an inflammatory affection, headaches, back pains or you just want to improve your immune system – among many others.

These days, you can find CBD oils in supermarkets too. But then, the inexpensive bottle you can find in the nearest store may not be the one you need. If the dose is too small, you will not really get the desired effects, but only the placebo effect. Plus, you need a reputable manufacturer or you risk taking pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals along with the cannabidiol extract.

These are the concerns that draw so many people to do their homework before making a final decision. Luckily, there are lots of brands out there and some of them are better than others. Making a good choice depends on your patience and ability to research. You want good value for money, but you also want diversity and a plethora of different doses. This is when Charlotte’s Web CBD kicks in.

About Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD is the dramatic story of a family. Seven brothers – the Stanley brothers – are behind the growth and success of the company. It all started with Charlotte Figi, a young girl suffering from the Dravet Syndrome. She experienced several hundreds of seizures on a weekly basis – unfortunately, no treatment seemed to work for her, regardless of how many doctors she saw.

As a final resort, her family decided to try the CBD oil produced by these brothers. Her seizures became less and less frequent to the point she only had a couple of them every month. Her recovery and the impact of CBD over Charlotte’s drama were well documented and made it online. The oil was produced in an organic plant from Colorado, which was named Charlotte’s Web.

The local legislation changed in 2014, so the seven brothers managed to push the CBD oil out of Colorado and gain world reputation – their company is now one of the most reputable names on the market.

Tests and transparency

You probably know it already – when something goes popular in such a short amount of time, there will be plenty of other enthusiasts trying to copy it. Basically, there is CBD oil for sale pretty much everywhere – online and offline. Not all of it is worth it. A small dose or a poor manufacturing process may cause more harm than good, so you need to ensure you go with the right brand.

Charlotte’s Web CBD relies on third party laboratories to get its products tested. Its certificates are public and available on the official website. There are no chemicals, heavy metals or pesticides in these products. Everything is transparent, so you know exactly how much CBD you are actually getting in a dose – after all, different affections come with different requirements.

Charlotte’s Web CBD product range

Not sure which product you need? How about the dosage? Charlotte’s Web CBD provides a free quiz over the Internet. Simply take it on the official website, go through it and you will know precisely what solution is suitable for you – not to mention the optimal dosage. The good news is you can find pretty much any kind of form in terms of CBD and not just oils.

CBD oils are obviously the main players in the game – a few different flavors, different dosages, multiple sizes and various prices based on your needs. The list goes way further than that though. CBD capsules are oral and just as common, not to mention the tasty CBD gummies. CBD topical products are worth some attention too – they are applied to the affected areas and absorbed by the skin.

Other options include CBD isolate – suitable for more experienced users, as well as CBD products for dogs should your furry friend suffer from any affections. Just like you have probably guessed already, there are plenty of special offers and discounts too (an entire category). Plus, you can get special deals if you decide to buy in bulk.

Prices and discounts

Prices for CBD products depend on multiple factors, including the size and dosage. Of course, Charlotte’s Web CBD will cost more than the basic products you can find in random supermarkets – but then, you have third party certifications, organic products, no risks and the right dosage.

CBD oils start from $39.99 and can climb up with the dosage and size – some of them over $100. Stuff for dogs is even cheaper – under $20, while gummies for people start at $54.99. There are a bunch of bundles available in a special category – do not miss the bulk discounts either.

Shipping options

Charlotte’s Web CBD provides free ground shipping for any order within the USA. Orders should be more than $74.99 for this offer though. Luckily, a couple of products will get you sorted. Should you get a smaller order, you will be charged just under $9 for it – regardless of its value.

Ground shipping will take up to seven days to make it to a customer’s door – usually four to six days. It obviously depends on where you are located too.

Return policies

Should any issues arise, Charlotte’s Web CBD has a flexible team of customer service representatives. If you get a returned product, for instance, you will get a full refund. Each product has a 30 day guarantee – if you are not happy with it, simply return the unused part.

Unexpected situations may also arise during shipping. Each package is carefully wrapped and inspected before leaving Charlotte’s Web CBD. There should not be any problems, but if there are, you need to make a claim within the first 48 hours. Simply get in touch with the company to discuss the issue.

Website experience

Even if this is the first time you shop online or use the Internet, chances are you will easily get along with Charlotte’s Web CBD’s website. Everything is simplistic and well optimized. You have a clear menu on top, as well as a straightforward organization of products – categories, price ranges, flavors and other criteria.

A bottom menu brings in all the technical information, such as shipping options or return policies, among others. You can create an account within a minute, take a quiz to figure out what works for you, order and pay within a few extra minutes. The website also comes with a brief blog to give you some insights about the effects and benefits of CBD.

Customer service

The customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. While Charlotte’s Web CBD is no longer a small local business, it has maintained the values of family owned companies. Everything is done with the customer’s satisfaction in mind, so feel free to call if you have any issues or need advice with certain products.

You can contact Charlotte’s Web CBD by email or phone. There is also a chatting bot available on the website – it will answer frequently asked questions, so it may work if your issues are basic. The contact page displays the address too, but you are less likely to need it – unless you want to send a letter or return something.

The same page (as well as other pages of the website) will allow you to sign up the Charlotte’s Web CBD’s newsletter. It is actually a good idea – not only will you find out some news about the industry, but you may also benefit from special offers or discounts every once in a while. They are usually sent to subscribers only.


Charlotte’s Web CBD is not among those companies displaying reviews on their websites. After all, they would only add the positive ones. Instead, you are free to look it up online. You will find the heartbreaking story of Charlotte Figi, as well as the benefits associated with CBD oils and other similar products in the range.

“The capsules are excellent after a long day at work… I work in an office, so I always end up with back pains. Sometimes, I am so hyped with all the work that I end up wide awake at home, finding myself unable to fall asleep. Capsules have always helped, thank you.”

“My mother is in love with one of the CBD oils – we usually switch flavors, as she likes some diversity. Oils help with her MS issues.”


As a short final conclusion, Charlotte’s Web CBD has gained notoriety with the story behind the company. People gave it credit for changing a patient’s life to 180 degrees. With time, the story has only become an addition to a great range. The company is now famous for delivering some of the top rated products out there – high doses, good value for money, proper certifications and no risks at all.

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