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Often associated with pain relief and the treatment of depression, cannabis oil is unfortunately banned in many countries. Also, getting it with a prescription where it is allowed can be a nightmare. After being diagnosed with breast cancer (and successfully getting rid of it), chemotherapy inevitably kicked in. Medical staff refers to it as an adjutant therapy – its main role is to eliminate potential cancer cells left behind.

Not only did I start losing my hair, but the pains became impossible to live with after a while. Since I couldn’t get any cannabis oil, I moved on to a different adjutant therapy based on CBD oil – here is my most recent discovery and how I ended up benefiting from Diamond CBD.

Diamond CBD – A Solution for Pain Relief

Pains can occur from a series of reasons. We all experience back pains every once in a while, whether we work in an office or we perform intense physical work. Most of us can cope with it.

Pains may also be the result of a surgery. Even if the body heals, the pain is hard to bare with and may last for weeks. Most of us get painkillers to get over it, but many times, a deep surgery will need more than that.

In my case, the pain associated with chemotherapy was more than what my body could take. Apart from pain, I experienced nausea round the clock and used to vomit minutes after having a meal. I started losing weight and it felt like nothing could help me get over it.

I started researching in order to learn from others’ experiences and found out about cannabis oil, which is said to even cure specific types of cancer. Unfortunately, getting it was even more painful. Things were getting worse as my painkillers had literally no effect, but just poisoning my body even more.

I found Diamond CBD at a friend’s recommendation – a safe and legal alternative to cannabis oil. It is one of the 104 chemical components known as cannabinoids. It is perfectly legal because it is far from the psychoactive THC – not psychoactive at all. It is extracted in the same way, but it is also diluted with other healthy oils.

So said, so done – I found Diamond CBD and gave it a try. Hoping no one would ever be in my situation, I just cannot help but recommend it for a series of other benefits. I can say it cleared misery of my life and gave me more reasons to keep fighting.

What to Know about Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a front runner in CBD research and processing. The company handles the entire process from scratch, only to ensure high quality standards. It relies on organically grown plants

from carefully selected partners. The team consists of actual scientists and doctors who know what they are talking about – the customer service left me speechless with dedication and knowledge.

While browsing through their products, I found a series of choices – oils, edibles, drinks or creams. I was a bit anxious about trying something new first, but I thought – what could be worse than a pain affecting my entire life? What could be worse than not being able to enjoy my family and time?

I started this venture with Diamond CBD by purchasing one of their oils. I moved on to creams and drinks as well when I realized how efficient they actually are.

Disclosing Diamond CBD's Best Products

I will be honest – I have not tried everything on Diamond CBD’s website though. However, I tried at least a few different products from each category and I just cannot be happier.

Diamond CBD Oil Review

There are dozens of oils to choose from – different prices and sizes. It represents the largest range of CBD oils I could find online. Some of the flavors are quite enticing – butterscotch, strawberry banana or dragon fruit. I have also tried cake and black cherry flavors – my favorite.

According to Diamond CBD, the CBD concentration is at least seven times higher than its competitors. I couldn’t check that, but it was the last thing I cared about. Apart from actual oils, you an also find CBD crystals.

Read the instructions before taking the oils. The ones I had came with identical instructions though – hold the liquid beneath the tongue for around 20 seconds, they swallow it. While I was expecting the CBD oil to work, I was not expecting such a quick result. It literally took less than a minute to feel relaxed. I could feel the pain slowly going away.

Do you know that feeling when your shoes are half a size smaller and kill your toes throughout a day at work? Do you remember how you feel when you take them off? I felt the same! My pain was gone in a few minutes for the first time in ages. I felt an instant shot of happiness and a good mood – something I missed for the last half a year.

Diamond CBD Cream Review

At the time of this review, Diamond CBD only had a few creams available (one of them in multiple sizes). After my amazing success with a few different CBD oils, I decided to try a cream as well. I ordered the smaller one and tried to alternate between oils and cream.

The cream works on the spot. Apply it where it hurts and give it a few minutes – simple as that. Start with a small amount and increase based on how fast it works. Different people require different amounts. The cream is so strong that you will not need too much anyway.

I must say the Diamond CBD creams are mostly indicated for joint or muscle pains. For example, cancer pain is often felt on the inside. Sometimes, it just hurts, but you cannot tell where. Other times, you can locate it. That is when the cream becomes efficient.

For me, personally, oils were better. However, my husband ended up using the creams on a regular basis – mostly after finishing an intensive workout (he is a personal trainer).

Diamond CBD Edible and Drink Review

Diamond CBD edibles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. You got gummy bears, chill gummies, watermelon slices, twin cherries, worms and even honey. When it comes to drinks, your options are just as diversified. The good news is that most of these things taste like the real thing – at least most of the gummies that I tried.

Diamond CBD edibles make good solutions for those who need pain relief on the go. You do not always feel comfortable taking the oil out of your bag and get a shot on the bus or in the office. Instead, just get a gummy bear and… Problem solved!

According to Diamond CBD, you should not have more than one or two pieces within six hours. That is the main problem – they taste so good that you will barely be able to control yourself. Do what I did – take just one or two with you and leave the bag home.

The result? Minutes only!

As for drinks, they come in small shots, so you do not have to carry any big bottles.

Pros and Cons of Diamond CBD

When it comes to the pros, I can only say that Diamond CBD’s products managed to take my chemotherapy pain away. These products do work, indeed. I have not tried others from other manufacturers though. I did my homework and tried the best rated one. It works like a breeze, so I highly recommend it.

The company is basically a research company and not just a random seller that no one has ever heard of. It has high quality standards and its doctors seem to know what they are doing.

Their products are safe and work within minutes. They are said to be more intense in terms of efficiency, which can only make me happier. Plus, the range is extremely diversified. You will feel overwhelmed.

Apart from oils, creams and edibles, you can also purchase dabs, vapes and even stuff for your pet. Any of these products will work on pain relief (regardless of the source), stress, anxiety and depression. All of them are natural and come from organically grown plants.

Products are made in the USA, while plants are grown in the USA and Scandinavia – says a lot about quality standards.

When it comes to cons, I cannot really think of any. It is, however, confusing when you buy for the first time. The difference between one product and another is not too significant, so just choose whatever works for you. Each product comes with its own instructions, such as recommendations and safety standards.


Bottom line, products from Diamond CBD can be fully trusted. It is a well established company with a rich background in research. Most of the ingredients are used in other products as well, but in different concentrations. They are efficient and can help from multiple point of view.

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