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We have a saying in the bodybuilding and fitness world – no pain, no gain. It is true. It is the kind of pain that you actually enjoy because you know you are doing it right.

However, at some point, this pain becomes a bit of a nuisance because it tends to persist. Furthermore, it prevents you from pushing your limits, as you physically cannot go through it. I tried all those burning and freezing products – before and after workouts. No success…

Green Roads CBD has a series of products based on cannabidiol. The natural compound is known to relieve painful sensations (both chronic and acute), reduce anxiety and depression, clear insomnia and give you an overall good feeling.

What really interested me was clearing the pain off. Not only does it work within a few minutes only, but it is entirely natural and provides a safe alternative to all kinds of medications.

What to Know about Green Roads

No one needs medications for pain. At some point, the body gets used to them, so you have to increase the dose and poison yourself even more, not to mention the side effects. Green Roads is a green and natural alternative though. It is known as one of the leading pharmacist formulated CBD manufacturers on the market.

Its products are sold in over 5,000 retail stores over the world and it has more than a million online customers. The cannabidiol is sourced from legal and professional sources, so the extract is pure and clean. The transparency of this company leaves no room for misinterpretations.

Once sourced, the CBD is pharmacist formulates and tested in a 3rd party facility of Evio Labs.

Simply put, the CBD products from Green Roads are properly resourced natural supplements recommended to anyone with painful sensations, depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Exploring the Most Popular Green Roads CBD Products

The company has diversified its product range to become more accessible to everyone, whether you look for a cream, oil or edible

CBD Oil Review

There are more than ten types of Green Roads CBD oil in different sizes and shapes. They must be taken orally. Most of them come with a dropper. Put one or two drops under your tongue and keep the oil there for half a minute, then swallow. I was surprised to feel my post workout pain go away within 15 minutes only.

Just like every other products from this manufacturer, oils are organic and not psychoactive. I was skeptical at first and tried the smallest size, only to upgrade to a larger bottle. There are no differences in quality, yet the larger bottle is more cost efficient.

CBD Syrup Review

There are three different CBD syrups – mango, strawberry and grape. Each bottle measures 118ml. Furthermore, you will find instructions on dosage and administration with each product. The syrup has the same effect as the oils, yet it is easier to take, as you can forget about droppers.

The only difference is in the flavor, as each type provides the same effects. Personally, I found grape to taste like grape juice. I am not too fond of mango anyway, while strawberry is literally everywhere – yogurts, drinks, jams… I am just sick of it. All in all, the syrup helped relieve pain in no time and helped me enjoy a deeper sleep after my workout.

CBD Edible Review

Green Roads CBD edibles are ideal on the go. You do not always feel like taking your syrup or oil out and having a dose while at work or in a train. Edibles are different – they are like little gummies. The effects are identical, so it makes no difference if you switch from another type of CBD supplement.

They come in a few different shapes and sizes – ideal for a snack while driving back from the gym. I could only find one problem – they taste so good that you feel like finishing them in one go. Stick to the instructions though. While the CBD is not psychoactive, it is a natural supplement and must be taken according to the instructions.

CBD Capsule Review

The CBD capsules from Green Roads are available in two types – 100mg and 350mg. They are filled with oil and can be taken with water. My trainer uses capsules, so that is the first Green Roads CBD product I have ever tried – felt fresh after a workout within half an hour only.

It is up to you whether you want to take them with food or on an empty stomach. If you have a weak stomach, it might be wise to have a snack before. It will not affect their efficiency.

General Product Review

Apart from these common Green Roads CBD products that I have tried, the manufacturer has special categories on its website as well. For example, the daily dose segment is excellent for those who just want to try the supplement. It is also handy for those who do not suffer from chronic pains, but just an acute pain after a surgery.

The CBD terpenes oils are not to be overlooked either. They come in multiple flavors, including pineapple, blueberry and strawberry. They are quite similar to the classic CBD oils.

Another common product that I use regularly is the CBD pain cream. It is great after a hot shower when you come back from the gym. Apply it on the painful spot and the pain fades within minutes. I use it before my workouts sometimes. Again, I purchased the bigger recipient (300mg) because it is more cost efficient than the small one (150mg).

If you are more advanced and have used CBD supplements before, you can try the CBD isolate. It implies preparing your own shake. Results are the same, but I personally think that it is too much hassle. Sure, it is a bit cheaper if you do the math, yet you do not always have the time to prepare a shake on the go.

Loving coffee and tea? How about some CBD alternatives? Green Roads manufactures CBD coffee, decaf coffee and chamomile tea. If you are likely to have them daily, they make more sense if you are older and you suffer from chronic pains, such as arthritis, osteoporosis or rheumatism. I would gladly recommend a brew in the morning to every elder out there.

Last, but not least, do not overlook the CBD oils for pets and special bundles. You might get a voucher just by visiting the official Green Roads website, but you can also buy large packages of products for a better price than buying them separately.

Pros and Cons

While often associated with cannabis, the CBD is only a component. It is different from the THC, which is psychoactive and illegal. The CBD is safe, natural and will not cause any problems. It is currently sold all around the world – both online and offline.

Given its natural purpose, it means most people will tolerate it with no problems at all.

Green Roads CBD products have gained notoriety due to the transparency of the company, as well as the 3rd party tests. Also, all products are made in the USA, which says a lot about quality standards.

One thing I would like is more variety in flavors, yet the products are quite diversified. Also, unlike other CBD manufacturers, Green Roads does not produce vapes for electronic cigarettes.

Who Green Roads CBD Is for

Green Roads CBD can be taken by anyone over 18 – just like any other natural supplement.

It can benefit more categories of people:

  • Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts
  • Athletes – both amateurs and professionals
  • Elders suffering from various conditions
  • People suffering from acute pains after a surgery or injury
  • People with chronic pains caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or stressful job
  • People suffering from insomnia, depression or anxiety
  • Smokers trying to quit

Safety Considerations Regarding Green Roads CBD

Just like any other natural supplement on the market, the CBD might interact with certain medications. If you take any medications, consult a physician first. If you do not, Green Roads CBD is perfectly safe.

According to research studies, there are no significant side effects on vital signs, the central nervous system or the mood. While overdoses are contraindicated, the worst that can happen is diarrhea or tiredness.


In the end, Green Roads CBD can and will work wonders. I was impressed with it and I am surprised I did not find out about it earlier. It is not a new wonder supplement, but around the market for ages. It works for a series of issues (mostly pains and insomnia) and has no side effects. What else can you ask for?

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