Hemp Bombs CBD Review – How CBD Has Annihilated My Rheumatic Pains

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I moved on from painkillers and rheumatism medication to expensive gels and creams – no significant results. I even invested in professional gels that athletes take – bit better, but only a temporary solution. I even tried those TENS machines you can buy from medical facilities.

My husband came up with the idea of trying something less common. While he also has back pains due to working in an office for over 25 years, they are not as intense as mine. We found Hemp Bombs after weeks of research and decided to give it a try.

Based on CBD – a component in cannabis, Hemp Bombs covers a wide array of products. They have no THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis), so they are perfectly legal and safe. In fact, CBD is used in a wide plethora of naturist products, only these ones have a higher concentration.

The result? Not only can I perform basic tasks around the house, but I enjoy walking as an exercise and I can finally enjoy a whole night sleep without the pain waking me up.

What to Know about Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a CBD product manufacturer. The company is responsible for the entire process – from harvesting the plant to extracting the CBD and implementing it into various products. It is a nationwide presence based on natural supplements.

It is not one of those dodgy businesses promising the world with no details, but a well established company with actual shops around the USA. Since its products contain no THC, they do not require any prescriptions or legal certifications. Instead, they are classified as natural supplements.

The company provides a wide array of products. I personally went on with the oils, but I have also tried some of their edibles and drinks – ideal when I am on the go. My husband uses the oils as well for chronic back pains, but he has also tried the vapes for his electronic cigarette.

Unveiling the Best Products from Hemp Bombs

While your options can be a bit confusing, I will share a little of my experience with Hemp Bombs, hoping my review can lead you in the right direction.

Hemp Bombs Oil Review

It is no longer a surprise the fact that hemp oil works against pain, insomnia and depression, among many others. Hemp Bombs provides a few flavors – usually peppermint and watermelon, as well as five different sizes.

I obviously went for the smallest one at first. As soon as my rheumatic pains kicked in one morning, I followed the manufacturer’s instructions and only took a couple of drops. I kept it under my tongue for half a minute and swallowed.

I could literally feel my body relaxing and the pain going away. It took me about five minutes to feel good again – felt like nothing happened, no pain at all.

According to my research, the oil interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system. I need two doses a day (three in the wintertime) to overcome my rheumatic pains.

Hemps Bombs Edible Review

You do not always feel like taking your little bottle out and ingesting oil while on the bus or at work. Therefore, both me and my husband have also decided to try the edibles. You can find small shots, as well as gummies, syrup or capsules.

Each product comes with its own instructions. For example, you should not take more than a couple of gummies every six hours. I imagine such instructions are for those in more intense suffering, such as cancer or surgery patients. When I swap from oils to gummies, I only need a few gummies a day.

They taste just like classic gummies – quite hard to control yourself, but you have to. Despite the encouraging reviews, we have never tried the syrups or shots from Hemp Bombs because we find capsules and gummies to be more cost efficient.

Hemps Bombs Vape Review

The Hemps Bombs vape liquid is ideal for electronic smokers like my husband. In terms of flavor, there is no difference between this one and others. Basically, you can find a plethora of flavors, including Colombian coffee, strawberry milk, chocolate donut, blueberry jam and

honeydew melon, among many others. Just like most electronic smokers, my husband always tries a different one the next time he buys.

So, where is the catch then? Well, the liquid has strong infusions of CBD. In other words, vaping this liquid will also provide your body with CBD and his benefits. The company targets pain and anxiety from all directions. When you vape on your break at work, you inevitably reduce the painful sensations and tiredness while staying relaxed. What else can you ask for?

As for the actual products, there are multiple sizes and mix/match packs.

Hemps Bombs Other Products

We have successfully tested and benefited from the Hemp Bombs oils, edibles and vapes. The list is longer though. For example, CBD Pain Freeze is ideal for muscle and joint pains. It is more suitable for athletes and sports people. It provides cold therapy while pushing CBD into the skin for pain relief.

It is ideal after workouts or intense games, but also to sustain intense training. It is currently available in two sizes only.

If your furry friend suffers from a chronic painful affection, you can also purchase Hemp Bombs pet oil, which has the exact same effects over animals.

Pros and Cons of Hemp Bombs

The main benefit of Hemp Bombs is the fact that you can rely on a legal, natural and effective therapy. It comes from organically grown plants. It can clear away painful sensations, regardless of their nature and cause. It will also work on depression and anxiety, not to mention insomnia and bad mood symptoms.

Without THC (the illegal component of cannabis), CBD is perfectly legal and safe. It is widely used in a lot of products, yet Hemp Bombs uses a higher dose. Each product comes with instructions for health and safety. Products can be used by young athletes, as well as older individuals requiring pain relief.

The company is transparent and allows a deep research. It also offers some programs from elders and seniors – probably the neediest category of customers.

It is hard to find any negatives about this therapy. It has been known to work for decades, so there are no secrets about it. If there is one thing I could complain about Hemp Bombs, that is the fact that you do not have too many options for flavors in oils. Things are different in vapes though, as you can find pretty much anything in that segment.

Who Hemp Bombs CBD Is for

I am in my 50s and I love Hemp Bombs for relieving rheumatism pain. My husband is the same age and uses Hemp Bombs to ameliorate back pains caused by continuous office work. Given the discount programs for elders and veterans, I would say these categories will benefit the most from such products.

However, many products are advertised to young athletes or just workout enthusiasts who need to recover after injuries or intense workouts.

I would say Hemp Bombs is a solid alternative for everyone. After all, pains can occur at any age and for a series of reasons.

It is not recommended to people under 18 years old.

Safety Considerations Regarding Hemp Bombs CBD

CBD is safe to take if you are not taking any medications. If you are, it might be wise to consult a physician. The oil might react with HIV medications, steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines and antidepressants. These are only some presumptions.

I have safely used Hemp Bombs oils while also taking antihistamines to combat hay fever and I experienced no side effects.


In the end, Hemp Bombs is clearly a transparent, popular and reliable company with a solid range of products. Pick whatever works for you and there is no way you will regret this decision. Follow the instructions and common issues like insomnia or pain will become history in no time. The effects of CBD are not new to the medical world at all, yet the organically grown hemp from Hemp Bombs and higher concentrations make this manufacturer a front runner.

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