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There are plenty of medical affections out there that may seem basic and easy to treat, but they actually represent an enigma for doctors. Back pains? Get some rest. Headaches? Get some rest. A few painkillers may also help, but they are quite addictive and less likely to provide longterm relief. The same goes for insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress issues and a bunch of medical conditions.

Cannabis has been proven to work against most of these problems without having secondary reactions, but the THC in its composition keeps it illegal in many countries. Luckily, it is not the THC that brings in all these benefits, but other components – the CBD is one of them. CBD can now be extracted and it actually makes a good supplement while still being legal.

However, when it comes to getting a CBD supplement, you need to opt for quality. The inexpensive CBD you usually find in supermarket is usually low strength and less likely to help with your condition. Besides, given the price, it is probably rich in chemicals and pesticides too – hemp absorbs everything. Going with a top manufacturer could be the key to a more successful venture. This is when Sol CBD steps in.

About Sol CBD

There are two names behind Sol CBD – Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. The two are involved with naturist medicine for close to a decade now. They have undergone a series of studies, but they also run a few successful blogs on natural health care with the primary goal to educate people on how to live fuller lives. The two health coaches have started Sol CBD as a solution to popular demand.

Not only does Sol CBD provides quality products based on CBD, but the two people behind it also aim to educate people on finding themselves and finding solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis. Their goal is to help people dig through clutter, understand the differences between quality CBD and random products and discover the benefits of such a dietary supplement.

According to one of the owners, Sol CBD is based on nothing but pure science. There is no funny business, but quality CBD extraction procedures and strong supplements to tackle even the most annoying health issues.

Tests and transparency

There are not too many tests concluding the quality of Sol CBD’s products. The company conducts a series of tests itself. Most of them relate to the THC in the composition of these products. Since THC is illegal, the company ensures there are no traces of it in its products. If you think about it, it would not even be on the market if that was the situation.

Other tests related to the strength in each product. Batches are tested separately to ensure customers actually get the strength they require. If the doses are way smaller than recommended, effects of CBD become insignificant and worthless. From this point of view, you can be 100% sure that you get what the label says.

There are not too many third party tests on Sol CBD’s products, yet there are a few reports here and there about third party labs keeping an eye on these products. Throw in the good reputation and you can leave yourself in good hands.

Sol CBD product range

Sol CBD is focused on quality, rather than quantity. You will not find dozens of products in its range, but only around 10. The brand tries to cover most categories out there, especially as some people may not be comfortable with certain supplements – such as large capsules that could be hard to swallow. With all these, CBD capsules represent the top seller.

Other common products include a few different types of tinctures, a tincture specifically created for pets, balms and body care products. Different products come with different strength, so you need to choose the optimal supplement based on your personal needs. In terms of flavors or sizing, your options are limited. There are, indeed, a few flavors to choose from. As for sizing, there are no second options.

Just like any other brand, Sol CBD provides a better deal if you choose a bundle. Basically, you choose a preselected package of certain products. There is only one bundle available at the moment – a mix of CBD infused skin care products. The price is a bit smaller than if you bought each item separately. As for pets, there is only one product – a type of tincture.

Prices and discounts

Prices are in the middle range for Sol CBD. If you are comfortable with their supplements or the forms they come in, you can go ahead and buy. There will not be any major differences between Sol CBD and other brands. Capsules cost $69 – there is a special offer going on these days – 30 capsules of 15mg in strength.

The 3600mg CBD tincture is the most expensive item on the website – obviously, because of its size. It should keep you going for ages. The CBD tincture for pets is the cheapest – only $31. It is worth noting that many of the products are discounted – somewhere around 15%. These are only some limited time special offers.

Shipping options

Shipping is free if you spend $75 or more – only if you live in the USA though. The delivery time depends on a few factors – availability and delivery method. Sol CBD sends its products out with USPS Priority. Most products will reach the destination within a couple of business days only, yet it depends on where you live too.

Unless you get the free shipping offer, you will have to pay a flat rate of $5.95. There is no international shipping available at the moment.

Return policies

Sol CBD takes customer satisfaction very seriously. While you are not required to mention the reason for a refund, it is highly recommended to do it – it is a matter of feedback and better service in the future. Most products will not have to be returned, as it may not be worth it. However, it depends – if you get the large recipient of tincture and you only use it a couple of times, you should send it back.

It will not be reused, but donated to medical facilities or families in need.

Claims for returns must be issued within 72 hours after receiving the product.

Website experience

The website is simple and straightforward. The main menu has all the answers you require. You can see all the products on one page or browse categories – since there are not so many of them, you can check the whole range on one page. There is also a guide on the website – CBD 101 – that will teach you everything you need to know about CBD.

A second menu is available at the bottom of the page – it is more technical though. All in all, signing up, shopping and placing an order should take less than a few minutes. Everything is intuitive and user friendly.

Customer service

The customer service is knowledgeable and friendly. You will have an initial interaction as you browse the website – a chat popup will open up and ask you if you need anything. You can minimize it and it will not bother you again, but you can also take advantage if something is unclear.

You can get in touch with Sol CBD over the phone too – 9AM to 5PM PST, Monday to Friday. You can send an email directly or simply use the quick email form on the official website. Whichever option you choose, you will only get replies during the business hours.

Sol CBD has a rich presence on social media too – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Therefore, you can initiate a conversation over these channels too.

You can get in touch with Sol CBD for a refund request, questions, issues or suggestions. Feel free to contact the company if you are not sure what kind of CBD product or dosage you require. You will get an appropriate answer based on your personal needs.


Every product in the Sol CBD range has plenty of reviews. Some products have around 500 reviews, so you can get a decent idea about what to expect. Since they are on the official website and most of them are positive, it is hard to tell whether or not they are authentic.

Searching for reviews over third party websites will not leave too much room for a different idea. Most Sol CBD reviews and testimonials are positive.

“So long headaches and migraines. Thank you very much!”

“So far, CBD was the only treatment that worked against my arthritis pains – better than the toughest painkillers.”


Bottom line, Sol CBD is not as large as other brands. It may not have as many products, but what really matters is that customers can benefit from quality. The company is under a continuous growth, so new products are added on a regular basis.

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